Great Makeup starts with healthy glowing skin” – Bobbi Brown (Makeup Artist)


We all want to look and feel our best on our wedding day that is why it is vital to get yourself into a good skincare routine at least 3 months prior to your Wedding, It is no good starting the week before only to have a reaction and end up worse than it was before,




On Average they say it takes 66 days to form a habit so not only are you setting up a healthy skin care routine for your wedding day now but the tips I will share with you in this and future posts will be a major benefit when it comes to the future and premature aging.


Wash in the Evening splash in the morning!


It is important to keep the skin’s equilibrium (natural balance of the skin) I don’t advocate going out and buying lots of high end cleansers and toners for the products to upset the balance of your skin, you know those spots you get when you try something new?  it is not what the brand’s call “Purging” No! It is your skin’s defence mechanism trying to restore it’s natural balance!

Remove all traces of dirt and makeup in the evening with a gentle makeup remover like Bioderma Sensibio and cleanse with mild cleansers like Cetaphil or Coconut oil finish by moisturising with a light oil preferably Macadamia or Jojoba as these are the closest replica to our own natural oil called Sebum.


Fight Nature with Nature!


Sebum is the holy grail of anti aging oils and hey it’s free! Treasure it, keep it balanced the more you mess with your skin the more it fights back and before you know it you have overproduction of sebum causing havoc.

During the night our bodies repair the damage caused by the day it is also when most of those healthy oils are produced so you do not want to go washing them away with soap in the morning, as sebum is water resistant all I suggest is a good splash or a 30 sec cold water dip of the face (more on this in a later post).


Exfoliate Gentle and often!

Think of sandpaper if you use a hard grit you get a rough finish, use a fine grit you get a lovely smooth finish if you Buff then voila!

A flannel whilst cleansing is just fine and actually exfoliates lovely, just make sure it’s clean! If you want to think about buffing then you can push the boat out for a Clarisonic, or the Hangsun has equally good reviews if wanting cheaper option!



Take time once a week to indulge in a Facial Steam and Mask, if you haven’t the time for both then just apply a Clay based mask you can make your own using Bentonite Clay Powder there are loads of recipes on Pinterest,


So there you have it Simple, Quick and Affordable…

As a Makeup artist I get to work with all different kinds of skin types and stumble across multitudes of skin conditions I see what works and what doesn’t, the methods I have mentioned above will give you real results they are tried and tested not only by my clients and myself but by women over the last 100 years, I have found some beautiful articles from the 1920s with similar instructions.


Over the next few months you will find invaluable tips, trade secrets, and product reviews amongst the reviews there are some serious game changers!


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