I see puzzled looks and moments of panic as soon as I mention Airbrush Makeup to my clients, there are not many Makeup Artists skilled in airbrush let alone a tool you’d find amongst an average Makeup drawer,

So this post is all about what Airbrush makeup is, how it works and why I use it.

airbush makeup

Airbrush makeup being applied.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush is a technique used to apply Makeup instead of using fingers, sponges or bushes instead the Makeup Artist will use Air to apply the Makeup,

The main components are the compressor and the Pistol these are connected together by a hose. The compressor produces a stream of compressed air which is then pushed through the pistol where the air is met with product at such a high velocity it causes the product to atomise into a very fine mist, which is then applied in a technique which allows build up of extremely thin layers creating a sheer, even flawless finish,

Hardly a new technology Airbrush Makeup was actually used in the making of the film Ben Hur back in the 1950’s and has since gained its popularity in Tv and camera work due to the advancing of High definition and High resolution.

although the naked eye may not spot the streaks and patterns left behind by a sponge or a brush HD and high resolution will pick up on this, but with airbrush the miniscule particles hit and attach to the skin as is it where pixels (tiny dots) and is therefore not visible by the forever advancing camera’s, Tv’s and photo’s.

airbrush makeup

Why I Choose Airbrush For Wedding Makeup…

Being so versatile I include Airbrush makeup as a Service as I can easily control how translucent or how opaque I want the makeup to look I can give a beautiful light finish to someone not wanting much makeup or I can build up and cover a huge dark tattoo!

I can create good coverage using minimal product thus looking natural and feeling weightless on the skin, I don’t have to worry about brushes irritating sensitive skins and I need not worry about cross contamination.

The makeup I use for the Airbrush replicates the skin in such a natural and beautiful way it sits on and moves with the skin instead of falling into it and accentuating any fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

Best off all is the unrivalled longevity of the makeup, once it is on and dryed it does not budge it is water and heat resistant lasting through to the next morning! making it perfect for weddings!


airbrush makeup


If you are in the Bath, Bristol or Somerset area and you’re looking for more information on Airbrush makeup maybe for a Wedding or special occasion or you just want to know more about Bath Makeup Artist including information on prices,  please contact Natalie Jane by email Natheaver@gmail.com or tel 07864347667.

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