Bath Makeup Artist For Melksham Wedding-

Bath Makeup Artist For Melksham Wedding-

Jennifer and Tom Clayton – Beechfield house


Wow! What a morning we had! Definitely up there with one of my Favorites, I was lucky to be the Bath Makeup artist for Melksham wedding.


To start with Beechfield house was amazing, on a summer’s day outside by the heated pool you could be mistaken into thinking you were somewhere on the French riviera, the grounds were Lush and green and protected by aged trees, you can tell a lot of effort has gone into its magnificence.


The Hotel itself was beautiful, stunning powder blue painted windows adds character and charm to this Italianate building, you can’t help but grin from ear to ear when you approach.

The friendly staff complimented this wonderful venue, from what I experienced Jennifer and co, were well catered for and were all attended to with a cheerful manner .


The morning itself was a joy, Jennifer’s Mother and Bridesmaids were supportive yet fun, their excitement shone through and they were all so lovely,


Last but not least the bride

Gettting Jennifer ready was a joy and it’s times like these that I feel I have the best job in the world, listening to how Tom had proposed in one of Bath’s Little theatre rooms home to the place they had once both worked and met and then on to where they are today.

I came away feeling like I was one of them and that I had known them for years!


The makeup

We kept the Bridesmaids makeup quite Natural, however we added shimmery pale pinks and Purple’s to a contoured eye brightening and causing the natural eye colour to pop,

Flawless skin is important to me so scarring and acne was camouflaged with colour correcting creams before concealer and then airbrush Foundation, bronzer, blusher and highlighter applied with a light hand and finished with a sheer dusting of Ben Nye’s translucent powder. For the Bride we went for Charlotte tilbury Eyes to mesmerise  a beautiful metallic cream shadow matching the Bridesmaid dresses beautifully. we then added depth to the outer edges and lash line with a dark metallic brown eye pencil from Zoeva ,  


Happily ever after

We wish Tom and Jennifer a Long, healthy and happy marriage and I hope we cross paths in the near future,


You can find more pictures from Jennifer and Tom’s wedding on my Portfolio  page.

If you are planning on holding your wedding at Beechfield house and  you’re looking for a Makeup artist for Melksham wedding, please contact us on 07864347667 or by email:


Makeup Artist – Tips,Tricks and Makeup Faux Pas!

Us lot here at Bath Makeup Artist, have recently come together along with a few bottles of vino, to discuss what Makeup Products We are Loving and the ones we are despising, we talked Makeup Blunders, that due to a mad fashion craze seem to be all around eekkk… and we also talked about little tips and tricks, we use to overcome certain skin types and issues.


It was going to be a long night…

We tend to have small weekly updates to keep us all connected, as each of us have different skills and suit different individual needs. after consulting with Our client we pass them on to whoever we feel will work their magic best, However this meeting was going to be a long one due to the fact we are all obsessed with Makeup.


Makeup Artist Tips- The DO’s And The Don’ts (Narrowed down).

    • Match your Foundation! – Sometimes your face can be a different shade to your neck and the rest of your body, maybe you wear a factor 50 sunscreen just on your face or your face is always exposed to the sun and the rest of your body is in hiding, whatever the reason aim to make your head look like it is attached to your neck, on that note a shade lighter than your neck is a good way to go as you can always add a little bronzer, you can’t really do much to correct a foundation that is too dark.  TOP TIP– Get two foundations one slightly lighter and one slightly darker you can mix both together and cater for pale winters and bronzed Summers.


  • Blusher = Youth –  Blusher can become your new best friend when it comes to aging, acting as a transition between bronzer/contour and skin colour blusher will give you a youthful glow, Daniel Sandler Watercolour is simply divine totally buildable you need not worry about looking like a clown, 

    TOP TIP– keep quite high on top of the cheekbones and blend upwards and towards the eye socket and temples (not on the apples of the cheek).

  • Less is more when it comes to wrinkles, – After applying your foundation, you only need to apply your concealer to the area needed, now we’re not talking a thick opaque dry concealer, we’re talking lightweight non creasing formulas, specific for use under the eye area, I love the makeup forever ultra HD formula, it brightens and will disguise wrinkles, not magnify them!
  • Use a transitional colour on your Eyes, – A transitional colour is a blendable base colour, it sits largely over the area you wish your crease to be, it creates a smooth transition from one colour to another and is used on most types of eye shadow styles.
  • Don’t look like a panda! – I remember being younger and trying for the first time touche Eclat, first impressions were great it was only after getting my Photo’s processed, (yes it was that long ago lol), that I realised I had these gurt big, white rings around my Eyes! I could not understand it as I was sure I didn’t look like that on the night, this was my first lesson in light reflecting particles! Anyway recent fashion trends remind me exactly of that time and I’m sure people in 5 years time will look back and scream why!!!
  • Do you really want a shiney nose?- Please ask yourself this question! It is so easy to get carried away with your highlighter, as sometimes you just can’t see the damn stuff, It’s not until you’re caught in a certain light, and then PING your nose is bright enough to guide santa’s sleigh!
  • Use Cleanup for detail – Rather than trying to spend ages getting those eyebrows, Lips and Flicks perfect, Use a cotton bud dipped in a bit of makeup remover to shape and sharpen those edges, much easier and quicker!



So Here we have it, a small taster of what we talk about, Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments.


For More information about us please check out our website, feel free to call me on 07864347667 or email me at


M.A.C Pro Makeup Artist – How to become a Mac makeup artist member when self taught!


It’s a struggle when self taught to prove your worthy, especially if you’re a Wedding Makeup Artist applying for Professional Memberships,

At the end of the day we are fully capable makeup Artists who have still worked our arses off to get to where we are, We have put in the hours of practice, done the research and worked plenty of unsociable hours FOR FREE!

The difference being instead of college Tutors we have used the likes of Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury,  Bobbi Brown and the Delightful, Cheeky Charmer Wayne Goss as our teachers, thanks to the endless amount of knowledge they throw at us for free.

We have had to source the information on things like Health and Safety and Brush types, I have even gone as far as completing Anatomy and Physiology level 3 and Training in Airbrush with the Amazing body painter and Makeup Artist  Alison Harvoutt,   

So I think we can safely say the Snobbery surrounding self Taught Makeup Artists is Sheer Nonsense.  


No Editorial Page ???  No Call Sheet’s ??? No Qualifications??? – Never Mind, It doesn’t matter you don’t need it!

In the Wedding Industry it is quite unlikely you will have any of the above, needless to say don’t sweat it there are other things you can use to prove your credibility.


The Mac Pro Makeup Artist Process


  • Get A Website – Seriously the best money I have spent! I did not have the time, or Knowledge to set up a Website By Myself and SEO was Alien to Me, Luckily I found Charlie Bestall at Guidance Digital  He Designed my website and set it up on WordPress he then taught me how to use WordPress to Blog or edit my Web pages, He then continued with support and guidance explaining how to make my Website google friendly and basic SEO, take a look.



  • Make a Comp card – What is a comp card? I hear you say, Well it’s a piece of card slightly bigger than a postcard, Imagine an enlarged business card with a few pictures of your work I got mine from zazzle, I also use these for the goody bags dispatched at Wedding fayres.



  • Register to go M.A.C pro – They will then send you the application form, Complete the form and send it off with the requested identification, details of your website, your Comp card, the Payment plus any extra things to prove you’re working in the Makeup field, I also sent my Airbrush certificate.


I Literally heard back the next day Via Email, It then took 5 weeks to receive my card though I was given my member number so could make purchases receiving my 35% discount online, on the Phone or in store..


Simple! Feel free to drop a line and tell me your experiences.




Wedding Hair And Makeup- Top 10 To-Do’s For Your Wedding Morning.

There can be a cocktail of emotions whilst having your Wedding hair and Makeup provided on the Morning of your big day as of course this Is the main Build up to the much anticipated “I Do”, there can be feelings of excitement, anxiety, stress and nerves, netherless there is no reason why your wedding Morning Can’t be Fun and Enjoyed! Follow these top 10 must do’s for the most memorable wedding morning.


wedding makeup being applied


  • Surround yourself only with people that make you feel good! – Keep those who have a calming effect or make you laugh close, this is a must for a fun filled morning, If there is someone flapping and stressing it will more than likely rub off on you, I have seen a Mother of the Bride send her Daughter into a Panic attack It was horrific to watch I ended up kindly asking the Mother to wait in the other room until her daughter was ready,


  • Give yourself plenty of time. – If your Wedding day Hair and Makeup Artist tells you she need’s 4 hours Give her 5! The last thing you want is a rushed hairstyle or Makeup, as well as not feeling your best the rushing will turn into a mad panic, an average Bridal Hair and Makeup will take me 2.5 hr, Bridesmaids 90min on hair and makeup,  plus the setup of equipment the time can soon stack up,


Make sure shaving, tanning, nails and all things that can be done in advance are all done prior your wedding morning. – Smudged nails or a blotchy tan avoid these issues by having it professionally applied a good Shellac Manicure will last you up to 2 weeks chip free check out CND Salon Finder for a qualified technician. A natural Sienna x  spray tan will leave a hint of glow aim for a 6% vol to avoid looking like you have just come back from a 2 week caribbean holiday!


  • To wash or not to wash??? – it is true that super soft freshly washed hair can be hard to style so it is advised to wash the evening before your wedding day, HOWEVER if your hair is fine and you need to wash daily then wash in the morning otherwise grease will cause your hair to flatten from the root and to try and get and maintain lift will be harder than dealing with soft hair,


  • Leave those spots alone!!! – A red furious spot is easily camouflaged, If you squeeze you will create a scab or flaky skin causing texture this is much much harder to cover up.


  • Delegate all chores to your Bridesmaids! And put yourself first… – Make sure you are ready before everyone else, the wedding hair and makeup we provide has been proven to stand the test of time,  we will also be around to make final touches before you leave if for some reason we start running out of time it would be much better to rush on a bridesmaid than the bride. And remember to give all those little wedding morning jobs to your bridesmaids, put them to good use!              


  • Get your groove on! – Create a playlist of all your all time favourite feel good songs, include songs that mean something between you and your man, having music playing makes all the difference when it comes to a happy atmosphere,


  • Ask all your bridesmaids to make sure they are all cleansed–  with washed dried and preferably reasonably straight hair (the same as explained in No.4). By doing so will save much needed time on the morning,


  • Make sure you have appropriate space to get ready. – Give your Wedding hair and makeup artist plenty of room to move all the way around you, We will also need access to powerpoints, a chair and preferably a table, it is also a great advantage to get ready in front of a mirror.


  • Have plenty of Food and drinks on hand.– Delegate this one to a Bridesmaid! You will probably not have much of an appetite on the morning of your wedding but try and eat something it will be a long stretch before you and your bridesmaids get to sit down and eat again and you are going to need the energy, Whilst we’re on the subject it is probably wise advise you now to take it steady on the booze you may feel like you need the dutch courage, but the last thing you want is to be stumbling to the altar and slurring your wedding vows.


So there we have it,  follow the above and you can’t go far wrong. Try your utmost to remain calm and enjoy your last moments as a Miss/Ms.             When choosing your wedding hair and makeup artist be sure to find someone you connect with and can relax around, not only are they there to make you look great they can also be a valuable tool to keeping you relaxed and happy!!!

If you are interested in Bath Makeup Artist, you can find more About us here and whilst you at it take a look at what are Clients  say about us. you can contact me by email 



+ airbush makeup

Airbrush Makeup ???

I see puzzled looks and moments of panic as soon as I mention Airbrush Makeup to my clients, there are not many Makeup Artists skilled in airbrush let alone a tool you’d find amongst an average Makeup drawer,

So this post is all about what Airbrush makeup is, how it works and why I use it.

airbush makeup

Airbrush makeup being applied.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush is a technique used to apply Makeup instead of using fingers, sponges or bushes instead the Makeup Artist will use Air to apply the Makeup,

The main components are the compressor and the Pistol these are connected together by a hose. The compressor produces a stream of compressed air which is then pushed through the pistol where the air is met with product at such a high velocity it causes the product to atomise into a very fine mist, which is then applied in a technique which allows build up of extremely thin layers creating a sheer, even flawless finish,

Hardly a new technology Airbrush Makeup was actually used in the making of the film Ben Hur back in the 1950’s and has since gained its popularity in Tv and camera work due to the advancing of High definition and High resolution.

although the naked eye may not spot the streaks and patterns left behind by a sponge or a brush HD and high resolution will pick up on this, but with airbrush the miniscule particles hit and attach to the skin as is it where pixels (tiny dots) and is therefore not visible by the forever advancing camera’s, Tv’s and photo’s.

airbrush makeup

Why I Choose Airbrush For Wedding Makeup…

Being so versatile I include Airbrush makeup as a Service as I can easily control how translucent or how opaque I want the makeup to look I can give a beautiful light finish to someone not wanting much makeup or I can build up and cover a huge dark tattoo!

I can create good coverage using minimal product thus looking natural and feeling weightless on the skin, I don’t have to worry about brushes irritating sensitive skins and I need not worry about cross contamination.

The makeup I use for the Airbrush replicates the skin in such a natural and beautiful way it sits on and moves with the skin instead of falling into it and accentuating any fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

Best off all is the unrivalled longevity of the makeup, once it is on and dryed it does not budge it is water and heat resistant lasting through to the next morning! making it perfect for weddings!


airbrush makeup


If you are in the Bath, Bristol or Somerset area and you’re looking for more information on Airbrush makeup maybe for a Wedding or special occasion or you just want to know more about Bath Makeup Artist including information on prices,  please contact Natalie Jane by email or tel 07864347667.

Wedding Hair And Makeup Trial – How to Prepare

If you’re not sure on what you need to be doing or how you should be preparing for your wedding Hair and Makeup Trial then get a pen and paper ready to make notes, this is a must read!


How long in advance should I book my Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial?

Depending on circumstances I normally recommend 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding day this is to keep things fresh in the mind, Sometimes I have found that if your trial is too early then you end up changing your mind and confusing yourself.


Should I bring photo’s of Wedding Hair and Makeup with me to my trial?

It’s good to have some sort of Idea of what Hair or Makeup style you would like to try and achieve for your Wedding day, but please remember most Photos you find on the web will more than likely to have been edited / photoshopped and no matter how talented or what products we may use we are Artists at the end of the day not Magicians that’s not to say we can’t create a stunning look but you must remain realistic.


Is a Wedding Hair and Makeup trial really necessary?

Of course it is! There is no time on your wedding day to decide you hate the Hairstyle or Makeup look that has been created and you would like something different.

If for some reason you can’t have a trial then you must have a clear Idea on what you want check out this earlier Post for help.


What should I Bring?

Hair pieces are a good Idea to bring, a picture of your dress will give a good insight to style,

Colour swatches are fab as we can use colour theory to create a complimentary wedding Makeup that will neither be overbearing or wishy washy!

If you have allergies and only like and want to use certain products then please bring these,

Oh and of course an open mind!


What should I do to prepare for my Makeup Artist’s arrival?

Try and prepare a space with the best possible lighting, with access to power sockets, a chair and a table,


Who should be at my Wedding Hair and Makeup trial?

Too many being there can cause confusion though it is a good idea to have one or two of your fave’s whose opinions you can trust,


Can my Bridesmaids have a trial?

I am happy to Trial a Bridesmaid makeup alongside a Bridal Makeup,

it is also nice to see both Hair and Makeup finishes together.


How much is a trial?

For the bride the trial is included in the Bridal day Hair and Makeup Price please click here for more info.


If you have a Forthcoming Wedding or special occasion in the Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire or somerset area then please feel free to contact me by email or call: 07864347667


Skinade Review – IT WORK’S

I was interested in stocking Skinade as heard so many great things about it on the Beauty forum Salon Geek,

After speaking to the area rep they kindly sent me out some trial packs however being Pregnant I couldn’t actually trial myself (sad face) so I kindly passed on to a Client Bride to be and I also had enough to pass onto my Gorgeous Bestie.


A bit about skinade…

Skinade is a concentrated drink to be consumed daily it contains a patent pending formulation of essential nutrients and collagen peptides at such a high absorption rate it is unlike most other collagen based drinks,


What it does.

Taking skinade daily increases the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid leading to thicker, plumper and more hydrated skin,

Here are the results reported by consumers found on the Skinade website

  • Increased skin hydration and radiance
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin suppleness
  • Healthier looking hair and nails

Here’s how it went…

So my Friend being a smoker, drinker has a stressful job and eats a lot of shit, Although being the most beautifully stunning woman there is, she complains of enlarged pores, puffy tired looking eyes and a dehydrated complexion, whilst completing the course She admits to completely abusing her body (In the middle of a house move), However her skin looked great her pores noticeably reduced and she was glowing!

     As for my Client well she treated herself a lot better probably due to the fact she was getting married and wanted to look her best on her wedding day, The results she achieved blew me away between her trial and her wedding day the just turned 30 fine lines had completely disappeared and I felt like I was touching teenage skin (without the spots). Her Makeup applied like a dream and I felt reluctant to apply the smallest amount of foundation.

So there you have it if you are looking for a product to deliver literally glowing results be it for a wedding day, special occasion or just don’t want to age, then head over to Skinade to find a local stockist, at present I don’t stock it as I wanted this review to be unbiased and I want to recommend to my clients without feeling like I am trying to sell them something.

About Me.

I am a Bath Based Makeup artist with 7 years experience specialising in weddings,  We cover Bristol, Bath and the south west of England, If you are getting married and would like to book me for your wedding or special occasion, please Contact me by Email or call 07864347667


A Guide To Flawless Bridal Skin

Great Makeup starts with healthy glowing skin” – Bobbi Brown (Makeup Artist)


We all want to look and feel our best on our wedding day that is why it is vital to get yourself into a good skincare routine at least 3 months prior to your Wedding, It is no good starting the week before only to have a reaction and end up worse than it was before,




On Average they say it takes 66 days to form a habit so not only are you setting up a healthy skin care routine for your wedding day now but the tips I will share with you in this and future posts will be a major benefit when it comes to the future and premature aging.


Wash in the Evening splash in the morning!


It is important to keep the skin’s equilibrium (natural balance of the skin) I don’t advocate going out and buying lots of high end cleansers and toners for the products to upset the balance of your skin, you know those spots you get when you try something new?  it is not what the brand’s call “Purging” No! It is your skin’s defence mechanism trying to restore it’s natural balance!

Remove all traces of dirt and makeup in the evening with a gentle makeup remover like Bioderma Sensibio and cleanse with mild cleansers like Cetaphil or Coconut oil finish by moisturising with a light oil preferably Macadamia or Jojoba as these are the closest replica to our own natural oil called Sebum.


Fight Nature with Nature!


Sebum is the holy grail of anti aging oils and hey it’s free! Treasure it, keep it balanced the more you mess with your skin the more it fights back and before you know it you have overproduction of sebum causing havoc.

During the night our bodies repair the damage caused by the day it is also when most of those healthy oils are produced so you do not want to go washing them away with soap in the morning, as sebum is water resistant all I suggest is a good splash or a 30 sec cold water dip of the face (more on this in a later post).


Exfoliate Gentle and often!

Think of sandpaper if you use a hard grit you get a rough finish, use a fine grit you get a lovely smooth finish if you Buff then voila!

A flannel whilst cleansing is just fine and actually exfoliates lovely, just make sure it’s clean! If you want to think about buffing then you can push the boat out for a Clarisonic, or the Hangsun has equally good reviews if wanting cheaper option!



Take time once a week to indulge in a Facial Steam and Mask, if you haven’t the time for both then just apply a Clay based mask you can make your own using Bentonite Clay Powder there are loads of recipes on Pinterest,


So there you have it Simple, Quick and Affordable…

As a Makeup artist I get to work with all different kinds of skin types and stumble across multitudes of skin conditions I see what works and what doesn’t, the methods I have mentioned above will give you real results they are tried and tested not only by my clients and myself but by women over the last 100 years, I have found some beautiful articles from the 1920s with similar instructions.


Over the next few months you will find invaluable tips, trade secrets, and product reviews amongst the reviews there are some serious game changers!


If you are looking for someone to provide you with beautiful wedding makeup in The Bristol, Bath or surrounding area’s please do not hesitate to contact Natalie Jane at Bath Makeup Artist  on 07864347667 or by email

Choosing your Wedding Day Makeup

Need help choosing your wedding day makeup? As a Wedding makeup Artist It is important to me to get your Makeup right, it is therefore vital for me to help you work out what overall look you TRULY want to achieve on your wedding day and more importantly what Wedding makeup look will suit you and your individual personality.

Before you start picking out all the beautiful faces you can find you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what it is you need to be looking for,


Ask yourself some important questions…


How much makeup will I feel comfortable wearing?

This can be asked in both instances for example if you wear minimal makeup then a dramatic smokey eye will feel too much for your wedding day, on the other hand if you normally wear lot’s of makeup then a fresh face barely there wedding makeup look, may make you feel naked!


Do I really want to look different?

Not a trick question I promise! A lot of Brides will say they want their makeup to make them look a more radiant version of themselves, Great, BUT it is also okay to want to look transformed as long as you know your limitations!


Just Imagine Your Dream Wedding


Take a moment and close your Eyes, I want you to Picture your Wedding day as a whole,

To envision the venue, everyone there, your dress, Bridesmaids, Flowers, Table arrangements, Really get a feel of your longed for wedding day, Next Imagine yourself Laughing carelessly and naturally with a guest, What do you look like are you wearing lipstick? Is your skin glowing and dewy or Matte with the perfect amount of blush? How are you wearing your hair?

Take the time to picture and dream how you want your wedding to be, once you have had  a good Insight to how you want your wedding to look next it’s on to the fun bit “Inspiration”…


Screenshot 2016-04-05 at 15.56.07

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for anything that requires planning, you can find so many inspiring ideas and follow people with similar interests, By creating pin boards for different projects will give you something  to refer back to when in need of new ideas,  

I have seen some fantastic Wedding venues across Bath, Bristol and somerset areas decorated to perfection all by the help and inspiration from Pinterest,

I have a wedding makeup lookbook board if you would like to follow then click HERE

All the Best and good luck Planning!

Natalie Jane. X

If you have a wedding coming up in the Bath, Bristol or Somerset area, and would like your Wedding makeup perfectly applied please feel free to CONTACT Bath Makeup Artist by Email or tel 07864347667

Finding The Right Wedding Makeup Artist in Bath For your wedding day

There are so many wedding makeup artist in bath to choose from let alone the Bristol and surrounding areas too,-

You must not be mistaken into thinking they are all the same, and can all produce your desired Wedding Makeup look,

Bath City


So rule number one – Find a wedding makeup artist in bath (Not rocket science)

You DON’T need someone who specialises in Drag Makeup, Going out Makeup or special effects Makeup! You need someone who specialises in Weddings! Also check out their reviews you can find some of my reviews Here

It sounds simple but many get it wrong,

makeup being applied


  • If it’s too good to be true, then it is! (You pay for what you get)

Yep experience, expertise and High end Makeup products all cost Money, Makeup Artists may love their jobs but they need to cover their costs, pay their insurances, tax and then of course make a living, If the price is cheap you need to ask yourself why?


And then Lastly…

  • Do some Investigation work!

Look through portfolios, Check Reviews, and make sure their Wedding Makeup style techniques match what you are hoping to achieve,


Bath Makeup Artist

As a wedding makeup artist in bath My aim is to help you work out what overall look you TRULY want to achieve on your wedding day and more importantly what makeup look will suit you and your individual personality.

I do not take any payment until a satisfied trial has taken place,

And I am on hand if you have any dilemmas or questions regarding your skin or makeup, I like to go that one step further and not only provide you with a beautiful wedding day makeup, but also provide you with skills and knowledge to help you wear makeup with confidence on an everyday basis.


If you are looking for someone to provide you with beautiful wedding makeup in The Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area’s please do not hesitate to contact me on 07864347667 or by email


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