Need help choosing your wedding day makeup? As a Wedding makeup Artist It is important to me to get your Makeup right, it is therefore vital for me to help you work out what overall look you TRULY want to achieve on your wedding day and more importantly what Wedding makeup look will suit you and your individual personality.

Before you start picking out all the beautiful faces you can find you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what it is you need to be looking for,


Ask yourself some important questions…


How much makeup will I feel comfortable wearing?

This can be asked in both instances for example if you wear minimal makeup then a dramatic smokey eye will feel too much for your wedding day, on the other hand if you normally wear lot’s of makeup then a fresh face barely there wedding makeup look, may make you feel naked!


Do I really want to look different?

Not a trick question I promise! A lot of Brides will say they want their makeup to make them look a more radiant version of themselves, Great, BUT it is also okay to want to look transformed as long as you know your limitations!


Just Imagine Your Dream Wedding


Take a moment and close your Eyes, I want you to Picture your Wedding day as a whole,

To envision the venue, everyone there, your dress, Bridesmaids, Flowers, Table arrangements, Really get a feel of your longed for wedding day, Next Imagine yourself Laughing carelessly and naturally with a guest, What do you look like are you wearing lipstick? Is your skin glowing and dewy or Matte with the perfect amount of blush? How are you wearing your hair?

Take the time to picture and dream how you want your wedding to be, once you have had  a good Insight to how you want your wedding to look next it’s on to the fun bit “Inspiration”…


Screenshot 2016-04-05 at 15.56.07

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for anything that requires planning, you can find so many inspiring ideas and follow people with similar interests, By creating pin boards for different projects will give you something  to refer back to when in need of new ideas,  

I have seen some fantastic Wedding venues across Bath, Bristol and somerset areas decorated to perfection all by the help and inspiration from Pinterest,

I have a wedding makeup lookbook board if you would like to follow then click HERE

All the Best and good luck Planning!

Natalie Jane. X

If you have a wedding coming up in the Bath, Bristol or Somerset area, and would like your Wedding makeup perfectly applied please feel free to CONTACT Bath Makeup Artist by Email or tel 07864347667

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