It’s a struggle when self taught to prove your worthy, especially if you’re a Wedding Makeup Artist applying for Professional Memberships,

At the end of the day we are fully capable makeup Artists who have still worked our arses off to get to where we are, We have put in the hours of practice, done the research and worked plenty of unsociable hours FOR FREE!

The difference being instead of college Tutors we have used the likes of Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury,  Bobbi Brown and the Delightful, Cheeky Charmer Wayne Goss as our teachers, thanks to the endless amount of knowledge they throw at us for free.

We have had to source the information on things like Health and Safety and Brush types, I have even gone as far as completing Anatomy and Physiology level 3 and Training in Airbrush with the Amazing body painter and Makeup Artist  Alison Harvoutt,   

So I think we can safely say the Snobbery surrounding self Taught Makeup Artists is Sheer Nonsense.  


No Editorial Page ???  No Call Sheet’s ??? No Qualifications??? – Never Mind, It doesn’t matter you don’t need it!

In the Wedding Industry it is quite unlikely you will have any of the above, needless to say don’t sweat it there are other things you can use to prove your credibility.


The Mac Pro Makeup Artist Process


  • Get A Website – Seriously the best money I have spent! I did not have the time, or Knowledge to set up a Website By Myself and SEO was Alien to Me, Luckily I found Charlie Bestall at Guidance Digital  He Designed my website and set it up on WordPress he then taught me how to use WordPress to Blog or edit my Web pages, He then continued with support and guidance explaining how to make my Website google friendly and basic SEO, take a look.



  • Make a Comp card – What is a comp card? I hear you say, Well it’s a piece of card slightly bigger than a postcard, Imagine an enlarged business card with a few pictures of your work I got mine from zazzle, I also use these for the goody bags dispatched at Wedding fayres.



  • Register to go M.A.C pro – They will then send you the application form, Complete the form and send it off with the requested identification, details of your website, your Comp card, the Payment plus any extra things to prove you’re working in the Makeup field, I also sent my Airbrush certificate.


I Literally heard back the next day Via Email, It then took 5 weeks to receive my card though I was given my member number so could make purchases receiving my 35% discount online, on the Phone or in store..


Simple! Feel free to drop a line and tell me your experiences.




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