Us lot here at Bath Makeup Artist, have recently come together along with a few bottles of vino, to discuss what Makeup Products We are Loving and the ones we are despising, we talked Makeup Blunders, that due to a mad fashion craze seem to be all around eekkk… and we also talked about little tips and tricks, we use to overcome certain skin types and issues.


It was going to be a long night…

We tend to have small weekly updates to keep us all connected, as each of us have different skills and suit different individual needs. after consulting with Our client we pass them on to whoever we feel will work their magic best, However this meeting was going to be a long one due to the fact we are all obsessed with Makeup.


Makeup Artist Tips- The DO’s And The Don’ts (Narrowed down).

    • Match your Foundation! – Sometimes your face can be a different shade to your neck and the rest of your body, maybe you wear a factor 50 sunscreen just on your face or your face is always exposed to the sun and the rest of your body is in hiding, whatever the reason aim to make your head look like it is attached to your neck, on that note a shade lighter than your neck is a good way to go as you can always add a little bronzer, you can’t really do much to correct a foundation that is too dark.  TOP TIP– Get two foundations one slightly lighter and one slightly darker you can mix both together and cater for pale winters and bronzed Summers.


  • Blusher = Youth –  Blusher can become your new best friend when it comes to aging, acting as a transition between bronzer/contour and skin colour blusher will give you a youthful glow, Daniel Sandler Watercolour is simply divine totally buildable you need not worry about looking like a clown, 

    TOP TIP– keep quite high on top of the cheekbones and blend upwards and towards the eye socket and temples (not on the apples of the cheek).

  • Less is more when it comes to wrinkles, – After applying your foundation, you only need to apply your concealer to the area needed, now we’re not talking a thick opaque dry concealer, we’re talking lightweight non creasing formulas, specific for use under the eye area, I love the makeup forever ultra HD formula, it brightens and will disguise wrinkles, not magnify them!
  • Use a transitional colour on your Eyes, – A transitional colour is a blendable base colour, it sits largely over the area you wish your crease to be, it creates a smooth transition from one colour to another and is used on most types of eye shadow styles.
  • Don’t look like a panda! – I remember being younger and trying for the first time touche Eclat, first impressions were great it was only after getting my Photo’s processed, (yes it was that long ago lol), that I realised I had these gurt big, white rings around my Eyes! I could not understand it as I was sure I didn’t look like that on the night, this was my first lesson in light reflecting particles! Anyway recent fashion trends remind me exactly of that time and I’m sure people in 5 years time will look back and scream why!!!
  • Do you really want a shiney nose?- Please ask yourself this question! It is so easy to get carried away with your highlighter, as sometimes you just can’t see the damn stuff, It’s not until you’re caught in a certain light, and then PING your nose is bright enough to guide santa’s sleigh!
  • Use Cleanup for detail – Rather than trying to spend ages getting those eyebrows, Lips and Flicks perfect, Use a cotton bud dipped in a bit of makeup remover to shape and sharpen those edges, much easier and quicker!



So Here we have it, a small taster of what we talk about, Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments.


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