The last thing you want is to look back 10-15 years from now and regret how your makeup
looked on your wedding day. I can promise you the Kim Kardashian makeup trend everyone
is copying right now will not appeal 10 years from now. Those big, bright, baked under eyes
all over your Instagram feed will be replaced by the newest celebrity makeup trend.
Lets face it you don’t see the top makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury and
Bobbi Brown using these makeup techniques to the extreme do you?
Yes of course contouring and baking will be used by the pros as these techniques, believe it
or not have been around for decades. However, they are used as a corrective measure and
in the right circumstances.
I am also not saying that a light contour and subtle highlight will not look great on your
wedding day because quite frankly it’s a beautiful look and suits just about anyone. All I am
trying to say is keep it classy and lay off the harsh orange lines I see trending on my feed.
If you are based in Bath or one of the surrounding areas, or if you are having your wedding
nearby don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss makeup for your big day. You can contact me
on either 07864 347 667 or by email at

Natalie Jane is a Bath-based makeup artist with over seven years’ experience, passionate
about both fashion and wedding makeup

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