If you’re not sure on what you need to be doing or how you should be preparing for your wedding Hair and Makeup Trial then get a pen and paper ready to make notes, this is a must read!


How long in advance should I book my Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial?

Depending on circumstances I normally recommend 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding day this is to keep things fresh in the mind, Sometimes I have found that if your trial is too early then you end up changing your mind and confusing yourself.


Should I bring photo’s of Wedding Hair and Makeup with me to my trial?

It’s good to have some sort of Idea of what Hair or Makeup style you would like to try and achieve for your Wedding day, but please remember most Photos you find on the web will more than likely to have been edited / photoshopped and no matter how talented or what products we may use we are Artists at the end of the day not Magicians that’s not to say we can’t create a stunning look but you must remain realistic.


Is a Wedding Hair and Makeup trial really necessary?

Of course it is! There is no time on your wedding day to decide you hate the Hairstyle or Makeup look that has been created and you would like something different.

If for some reason you can’t have a trial then you must have a clear Idea on what you want check out this earlier Post for help.


What should I Bring?

Hair pieces are a good Idea to bring, a picture of your dress will give a good insight to style,

Colour swatches are fab as we can use colour theory to create a complimentary wedding Makeup that will neither be overbearing or wishy washy!

If you have allergies and only like and want to use certain products then please bring these,

Oh and of course an open mind!


What should I do to prepare for my Makeup Artist’s arrival?

Try and prepare a space with the best possible lighting, with access to power sockets, a chair and a table,


Who should be at my Wedding Hair and Makeup trial?

Too many being there can cause confusion though it is a good idea to have one or two of your fave’s whose opinions you can trust,


Can my Bridesmaids have a trial?

I am happy to Trial a Bridesmaid makeup alongside a Bridal Makeup,

it is also nice to see both Hair and Makeup finishes together.


How much is a trial?

For the bride the trial is included in the Bridal day Hair and Makeup Price please click here for more info.


If you have a Forthcoming Wedding or special occasion in the Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire or somerset area then please feel free to contact me by email natheaver@yahoo.com or call: 07864347667


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