Terms of Booking

Booking form conditions and cancellation policy.
By the agreeing of quote, or by the paying of a deposit, you will be agreeing to these Terms and conditions. We understand that sometimes your requirements may change and we will do our utmost to accommodate the changes you wish to make.
Our Bridal coordinator will work with you to try and secure a suitable date for you to have your trial most trials take place around events so will most likely be held in the evening.
A non-refundable booking fee of £50 will be required to secure wedding and trial dates this can be paid by calling the shop or via bank transfer. the Trial amount will be required on trial date, and a payment of 25% of balance will be due 7 days after trial, the remaining balance is due a month before wedding date.

Once the deposit has been paid the wedding date will be secured. The deposit is non refundable in the event of cancellation of the wedding. If the date of your wedding is changed to a date we can not cater, your deposit will not be refunded.

We work in other parts of the makeup industry, we may get called upon a different area, if this is the case a different member of our team will be appointed to you, this will only be done before a trial takes place.

Some staff members are self employed, legally Bath makeup artist ltd can not be held responsible for the actions of self employed staff,  however we will make it a priority to supply you with an alternative Hair and makeup artist, We are a serviced based business providing high quality hair and Makeup,

Travel expenses
In some situations, we have to charge travel expenses. We try to keep this to a minimum but have to charge for the following:
I am based in the BA2 postcode and I’m happy to travel within a 10 mile radius of this area free of charge. Anything outside of this is charged at 40p per mile For example BA2 to SP3 is approximately 35 miles minus the first 10 miles FOC equals 25 miles this is calculated x 2 for the round trip which gives you a total of 50 miles @ 40p per mile costing £20.

Congestion charge and Bridge tolls– Travelling inside of the congestion charge zone is payable by the client as with Bridge tolls.

Parking Charges Parking charges are charged to the client. Please contact us prior if there is limited parking as we carry a lot of equipment, if we are unaware then this may cause delay.
Longer Journeys- Quote available on request for journeys of two hours or more

If for some reason you decide to cancel your booking,  the following charges will apply, The percentages are the proportion of the total booking cost.

  • 12 weeks before the wedding 30%
  • 8 weeks before the wedding 40%.
  • 6 weeks before the wedding 50%.
  • 4 weeks before the wedding 100%

In the unfortunate event you have to cancel your booking, cancellations need to be made within 3 months of the reserved date in order to avoid the cancellation fee.

Cancellations by Bath makeup artist ltd, due to circumstances out of our control,  For example but not limited to, Weather conditions, Personal safety, unreasonable access, Staffing issues,  lack of parking within a reasonable radius with no warning, your booking will not be refunded. If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of Bath Makeup Artist including but not limited to the reasons mentioned above, where possible Bath makeup artist will endeavour to rectify such situations, however, no compensation will be offered on Bath makeup artist part. It is strongly advised that you take out wedding or event insurance to cover you against these situations.

Timings and Efficiency

We will need as a bare minimum a table, chair and access to a powerpoint, to set up and carry out services. please ensure our staff are given space and a comfortable environment in order for them to carry out services efficiently.


In the unfortunate event that we may experience delays on the day which are out of our control due to clients being late/not being ready when we need them, requiring additional amendments or by not following our instructions to enable us to carry out our work efficiently, refunds will not be given. If you are aware of factors, which could delay or hinder our journey,  please advise us as soon as possible so we can factor this into our route within enough time,

We will provide a call sheet with timings as a guideline for your day, It is the responsibility of the bridal party to make sure the correct person is at the correct place at the time specified, timings must be used as a guideline only, we can not be held responsible for clients needing more time then allocated, there will be a small time allocated for additional changes however this can be used up very quickly, we will do our very best to make sure everyone is happy.

No refund or compensation can be offered if we are delayed by other wedding vendors for example, photographers, venues, other stylists, guests, or members of the bridal party.  If you suspect any member of your bridal party may pose as a challenge in any way, they are encouraged to have a trial to avoid potential delays on the day.

products and responsibility of the client Prior to the trial.

it is the responsibility of the client to inform the makeup artist of any known skin sensitivity, allergy or any concerns regarding medication that may cause a contraindication to skin products. All details are treated as confidential. Where possible, the makeup artist will choose products that should suit your skin type according to the information provided. Everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything at any time in your life. The products selected and agreed upon during the trial will be the products that will be used on the day of your wedding. The makeup artist is not liable for any adverse reactions to products used and cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to adverse reactions to products used. If the client or party requires a patch test for any products, this can be arranged and charged according to the agreed fee.

Our priority is for you to be completely satisfied with the service you receive from us. We run a professional business, so we aim for the highest standards in everything we do.
Complaints are rare, but we take them seriously, so we have a complaints policy and process we follow to make sure things are put right where needed and we learn from your feedback.
Tell someone you’re not happy with the service you’ve received, either while you’re in the salon/ at venue or as soon as possible after leaving. Calmly and clearly explain the problem.
We will listen to your feedback and ask questions as necessary to understand why you are making a complaint. We aim to resolve all complaints within eight weeks.
If you have already left the salon/barbershop, don’t go to another salon as we have the right to see exactly what the service or treatment you received from us looks like. We will arrange a suitable time for you to come back into our salon and discuss your complaint in private.
Where we think your complaint is reasonable, we will redo a part or all of the service or treatment again as soon as possible, free of charge. The work will be done by a different stylist, barber or beauty therapist if you prefer, although this may not be possible if the
individual is self-employed.
If we can’t fix the problem, we may offer a partial or full refund depending on how reasonable we consider your complaint to be.
If, after following our complaints policy, we still can’t agree on how to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, as required by the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes Regulations 2015, we will refer you to a certified alternative dispute
resolution provider, Hair & Beauty Mediation. As mediators, they listen to both sides and help us work towards a fair and reasonable compromise which is acceptable to both parties. It is not legally binding unless both parties agree on an outcome, but it is a cheaper and quicker alternative than taking legal action.
Please note there is a charge of  £12 including VAT,

Hair & Beauty Mediation can be contacted by:
Phone: 01234 831965
Email: mediation@nhf.info
Website: www.nhf.info/complaints

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