There can be a cocktail of emotions whilst having your Wedding hair and Makeup provided on the Morning of your big day as of course this Is the main Build up to the much anticipated “I Do”, there can be feelings of excitement, anxiety, stress and nerves, netherless there is no reason why your wedding Morning Can’t be Fun and Enjoyed! Follow these top 10 must do’s for the most memorable wedding morning.


wedding makeup being applied


  • Surround yourself only with people that make you feel good! – Keep those who have a calming effect or make you laugh close, this is a must for a fun filled morning, If there is someone flapping and stressing it will more than likely rub off on you, I have seen a Mother of the Bride send her Daughter into a Panic attack It was horrific to watch I ended up kindly asking the Mother to wait in the other room until her daughter was ready,


  • Give yourself plenty of time. – If your Wedding day Hair and Makeup Artist tells you she need’s 4 hours Give her 5! The last thing you want is a rushed hairstyle or Makeup, as well as not feeling your best the rushing will turn into a mad panic, an average Bridal Hair and Makeup will take me 2.5 hr, Bridesmaids 90min on hair and makeup,  plus the setup of equipment the time can soon stack up,


Make sure shaving, tanning, nails and all things that can be done in advance are all done prior your wedding morning. – Smudged nails or a blotchy tan avoid these issues by having it professionally applied a good Shellac Manicure will last you up to 2 weeks chip free check out CND Salon Finder for a qualified technician. A natural Sienna x  spray tan will leave a hint of glow aim for a 6% vol to avoid looking like you have just come back from a 2 week caribbean holiday!


  • To wash or not to wash??? – it is true that super soft freshly washed hair can be hard to style so it is advised to wash the evening before your wedding day, HOWEVER if your hair is fine and you need to wash daily then wash in the morning otherwise grease will cause your hair to flatten from the root and to try and get and maintain lift will be harder than dealing with soft hair,


  • Leave those spots alone!!! – A red furious spot is easily camouflaged, If you squeeze you will create a scab or flaky skin causing texture this is much much harder to cover up.


  • Delegate all chores to your Bridesmaids! And put yourself first… – Make sure you are ready before everyone else, the wedding hair and makeup we provide has been proven to stand the test of time,  we will also be around to make final touches before you leave if for some reason we start running out of time it would be much better to rush on a bridesmaid than the bride. And remember to give all those little wedding morning jobs to your bridesmaids, put them to good use!              


  • Get your groove on! – Create a playlist of all your all time favourite feel good songs, include songs that mean something between you and your man, having music playing makes all the difference when it comes to a happy atmosphere,


  • Ask all your bridesmaids to make sure they are all cleansed–  with washed dried and preferably reasonably straight hair (the same as explained in No.4). By doing so will save much needed time on the morning,


  • Make sure you have appropriate space to get ready. – Give your Wedding hair and makeup artist plenty of room to move all the way around you, We will also need access to powerpoints, a chair and preferably a table, it is also a great advantage to get ready in front of a mirror.


  • Have plenty of Food and drinks on hand.– Delegate this one to a Bridesmaid! You will probably not have much of an appetite on the morning of your wedding but try and eat something it will be a long stretch before you and your bridesmaids get to sit down and eat again and you are going to need the energy, Whilst we’re on the subject it is probably wise advise you now to take it steady on the booze you may feel like you need the dutch courage, but the last thing you want is to be stumbling to the altar and slurring your wedding vows.


So there we have it,  follow the above and you can’t go far wrong. Try your utmost to remain calm and enjoy your last moments as a Miss/Ms.             When choosing your wedding hair and makeup artist be sure to find someone you connect with and can relax around, not only are they there to make you look great they can also be a valuable tool to keeping you relaxed and happy!!!

If you are interested in Bath Makeup Artist, you can find more About us here and whilst you at it take a look at what are Clients  say about us. you can contact me by email 



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